Generate leads by engaging with your visitors in conversation. Help them find the right car or service partner. Improve your customer service and save costs.

Help your visitors finding the right car

Engage your website visitors and guide them to the right place. Help them find the right car, configure their favorites, book an appointment or download a brochure. All through ROBO.AI’s natural language interface.

Convert your visitors to leads

Help them book a test drive, an appointment or subscribe a newsletter.

Engage and Inform

Answer questions about car lines and models. Offer brochures, price lists and catalogs. All through conversation.

Car configuration

Offer a whole new experience of car configuration – by having a conversation.

Car Buying Assistance

Understand the buyers’ needs, budget and preferences to recommend the suitable car.

Increase conversions on your website


In today’s digital economy, consumers expect more from businesses than simply ease and accessibility. To stay competitive, businesses must be prepared to deliver a meaningful, customer-first experience. As an always-on solution, chatbots pave the way for car manufactures to catch their target customers’ evolving expectations. Beyond the perks of arming consumers with key, qualifying information, chatbots provide interested car buyers an on-demand, personalized experience, 24/7.

Make Customer’s decisions easier

Buying a new car is a big decision. Starting from questions like the car model, engine performance, consumption, after-sale services, safety, pricing or financing options, up to color, packaging and equipment; everyone likes to think they’ve got it all covered. That’s why the customer’s journey can be long.

All the Answers, Without the Pressure.

Consumers can face stress and pressure while trying to choose a car, so unlike more classical online experiences, chatbots can answer customer questions more efficiently and effectively. ROBO.AI is able to dynamically respond to a range of simple to complex questions, guiding conversations with consumers without relying on human input or intervention.

Stay compliant

Deploy ROBO.AI on-prem or on your private cloud and keep yours and your customer’s data secure.

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