ROBO.AI is fluent in the banking and finance language.
Streamline banking operations and drive digital adoption. Empower your customers to self-serve. Help them get their things done on the channel of their choice, 24/7.

The next level of Digital Banking

Make your customers’ lives easier by automating frequent activities.
Allow them to perform frequent activities like changing their address or order a new credit card, 24/7.
All with the ROBO.AI banking digital assistant.

Order a new bank card

Ordering a new credit or debit card made easy. All through conversation.

Address changing

Changing of an address without your employees having to intervene.

Balance check

Your customers will have access to their balance and movements at their fingertips.

Making Payments and Transfers

Transferring money through the chat. Like talking to an assistant.

Cancelling cards

Cancelling a card should be as easy as sending a message.

Short term loans

Make short-term loans easy and simple to obtain.

Fast, high-quality customer care

24/7 customer support

Your customers have busy lives. Provide them assistance when they have the time. ROBO.AI can be trained to answer all your customers’ inquiries 24/7, reducing your costs with customer support call centers.

Reduce Call Centre waiting times to seconds

Increase your customer’s satisfaction by minimizing waiting times and responding to inquiries promptly, around the clock, in their preferred channel like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or your own Website.

Acquire new customers with automated conversations

ROBO.AI can also be part of your customer acquisition. Show your potential customers that transferring their mortgage to your bank would be his best choice, all through automated guided conversations.

Upsell financial products based on personalized data

Upsell financial products based on personalized data.

Give them reasons to love your Bank

Enable lifestyle banking. ROBO.AI gives customers the experience they expect, contextual, proactive and personalized. Make recommendations to help manage money, not just move it.

Give customers what they need

Conversations with ROBO.AI naturally lead to offers for products and services.
Digital marketing and sales with ROBO.AI lowers the cost of acquisition and uses proactive conversations to provide value.

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