Cosibot is a non-profit initiative of ROBO.AI

What is Cosibot

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is currently posing a massive challenge to our entire world:

The citizens depend on information now more than at any other time before. However, much of this information is often fragmented, conflicting and biased. When not factually wrong and sometimes coupled with rumours, fake news and purposeful misinformation. Citizens critically need to be updated, transparent and reliable information instantly available across different channels and media.

At the same time, public authorities critically depend on relaying information to keep social cohesion and prevent hysteria and panic.

We at ROBO.AI, believe that the state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role in addressing this problem and decided to offer our contribution to this massive challenge. “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” J.K. Rowling said, and the whole team agreed with her. COVID-19 Stay Informed Bot (Cosibot), was created in about 10 days of work.

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

J.K. Rowling

Cosibot experience is driven by Helen , the Virtual Assistance Coronavirus Chatbot. Helen offers free of charge qualified answers on Coronavirus in writing and orally, allowing everyone, including people with typing or sight impairments to access data from various government sources.

Helen is available 24/7 and she provides

The Cosibot initiative also contributes to


Other coronavirus chatbots appeared in the meantime on the market. Still, Cosibot is not a Q&A chatbot, and on the contrary, it encourages people to ask various questions. Its machine learning technology will learn over time to provide more and more qualified answers.

Cosibot is from the beginning omnichannel ready: it is possible to ask questions via SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or via the web interface!

The quality and reliability of sources of information is a critical factor to keep credibility. In essence, all the information provided by Cosibot is coming from official trusted sources only. Examples are the WHO, the UN, the European Commission, the John Hopkins University, the Robert Koch Institute and as well as from various countries or regional ministry of Health.

Cosibot Coronavirus Chatbot is available today in English for the international version and also available in Portuguese for Portugal and in German for Germany.

The power of Partnerships

A fundamental decision from our team was to have this initiative open to third party companies and individuals willing to provide their contributions. A separate Cosibot website from ROBO.AI with its own domain was the natural decision.

To provide a truly innovative technological experience, it was clear the need for involvement from other companies willing to provide their expertise and technology. ReadSpeaker was the first one offering its Text to Speech technology for free. Other companies like Two Impulse, Famazing,, Wencour followed soon and we are always open to further contributors.

Also, and another critical task is to keep Cosibot up to date. The more data and qualified content we have, the more useful Cosibot will become to the world. ROBO.AI is a startup with a lot of willingness but with limited resources; volunteers can provide an invaluable contribution to this initiative: translators, content writers, developers with Java and Python skills, people with interest in NLP and Data Science are always welcome. For instance, thank you to the volunteers’ contribution, The Cosibot Germany will be soon available in Turkish and English languages too.

Last but not least, companies able to sponsor this initiative can secure the continuous development and improvement of Cosibot. The type of contribution can be economically but also being an evangelist, allowing Cosibot to be present as a widget on the company website. The ROBO.AI team developed a simple and not intrusive process to enable Cosibot to be present on a third-party website in just a few steps.

What is the future of the Cosibot initiative

Cosibot initiative was born to provide reliable information to the citizens. But also to offer valuable insight to Public organizations and government institutions about which are the most relevant questions asked by the public audience. We believe Cosibot can be extensively used by Public institutions to manage this current crisis and any other crisis that might happen in the future. Cosibot can potentially evolve in a very friendly to use but efficient Crisis management solution for the Public sector.

The very same evolution we foresee for the private sector. The current effects of the coronavirus crisis are already severely affecting our business life, but also they are providing an opportunity to plan how companies must prepare themselves now around digitalization and smart working. Existing structures and core processes must be reviewed and adjusted to be more flexible and accessible. The coronavirus crisis is giving the chance to implement a new approach using AI innovative technology and human expertise. The main goal is to drive more sustainable and scalable business operations. This is the fundamental value proposition that a company like ROBO.AI can provide to the market.