Enabling Digital Insurance. With the ROBO.AI digital insurance solution, you can offer a full digital experience for the entire insurance value chain.

Let your customers talk to you on their own schedule

Your clients are people with their own schedule. Allow them to manage their policies any time they want with a 24/7 conversational assistant.
Support your customers by automating typical processes, upselling or simply providing information.

Update policies

Help your customers change their coverages.

Buy new insurance policies

Offer rate calculation and policy simulation through chat.

Add new payment information

Offer rate calculation and policy simulation through chat.

Change address

Automate changes of address and other contact information.

Submitting claims

Save costs by automating the claim submission process. Checking status of a claim.

Handover to an customer service agent

At some point the need for human intervention will be needed.

Streamline Insurance operations

Available 24/7

Your clients are busy with their personal lives and jobs. Be available for them when it’s convenient.

Handle complex conversations

Conversations are seldom question – answer. ROBO.AI allows for conversations to be complex, based on complex rules or conversations with live agents.

Reduce Bureaucracy

Consumers can face stress and pressure while trying to choose a car, so unlike more classical online experiences, chatbots can answer customer questions more efficiently and effectively. ROBO.AI is able to dynamically respond to a range of simple to complex questions, guiding conversations with consumers without relying on human input or intervention.

Stay compliant

Deploy ROBO.AI on-prem or on your private cloud and keep yours and your customer’s data secure.

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