ROBO.AI Platform

Analytics and Reporting

With our analytics and reporting dashboard, you can keep track of what is happening in the system. You can configure your agent teams, bots and look at their performance. You also get insights on what customers are saying.

Agent Console

With the Agent Console, customer service agents can talk to your clients regardless of the channel that they are in. A customer might be on your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or others. 

ROBO Studio and Platform

With the ROBO Studio, you can develop chatbots that will be part of your customer service agent team. Using the UI, you can train the Natural Language Processing models, develop your conversations using an easy to use UI. 

Also, if you need to create complex conversations, you can also code in Python are develop your own integration points for your bot. 

The Platform

You can also develop bots, using the studio to create dialog-based user interfaces. A powerful NLU engine that allows processing and understanding natural language inputs, a knowledge management feature, and an automated learning mechanism that makes suggestions and asks questions.
ROBO.AI also provides you with flexible tools for developing and maintaining your bots and integrating them into your systems.

Natural Language Understanding

Built-in AI-based multilingual language understanding.


For Writers and Developers

Allow content writers and developers to work side-by-side in the bots. Write content or code conversations. 


Integration Flexibility

Integrate with other NLU, Speech-To-Text, Text-To-Speech like Microsoft, IBM, Google or Alexa.


Knowledge Management

Use our Knowledge Base features to integrate the knowledge available to agents and chatbots. 



Integrate with different Databases, Content Management Systems, CRM. RPA, or ERP systems to fetch information or fulfil tasks.


APIs and SDKs

Develop your own client if you need to. Use our SDKs and code samples to get up to speed quickly.