Voice Bots

ROBO.AI rids you from ringing telephones. It takes over the standard inquiries and behaves almost like a person in conversation.



Our focus is on natural conversation. Therefore there are no specific keywords, no key presses and no fixed dialog paths.

Artificial Intelligence

By using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, ROBO.AI is able to learn with every conversation – of course GDPR-compliant.

Easy Integration

Can be easily integrated into your existing software solutions. This keeps all data clear and secure in one place.


Use Cases

Voice ID

Identify your customers by their voice. Authenticate clients reliably based on their voice whenever they reach out to your contact center and greatly improve customer experiences and account security.

Appointment Schedulling

Are you annoyed by the phone ringing in your business? Let ROBO.AI answer the phone and take some free time for your customers on site. Our voice assistant through will book appointments for you in your calendar.

Status Tracking

Do you deliver packages or other orders to customers? A ROBO.AI Voicebot can answer the phone and answer questions about the status of the delivery.

Custom Solution

Do you have numerous repetitive calls in your business? In addition to our standard bots, we also offer the option of developing voice assistants tailored to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For which industries and use cases are ROBO.AI voicebots suitable?

Basically, ROBO.AI voicebots can be used for every conceivable application. Our appointment assistant is on the market, and autonomously manages reservations in the automotive industry.

We are also open to doing a custom application for your business or vertical.

Why should I use a ROBO.AI Voicebot in my company? What are the advantages?

ROBO.AI Voicebots relieve you of repeated standard inquiries.
This means that your business can be reached 24/7 and without any waiting times for callers. You and your employees finally have more time to take care of your customers on site or more intensive consulting cases.

Contact us for a non-binding consultation about the possible uses in your company!

How long does it take to set up? Do I need special hardware for this?

We can quickly setup you up. All you need to do is setting up call forwarding and help us connect to your calendar. You decide whether you want to use ROBOat any time or e.g. only outside of your opening hours.
For project work, we coordinate an individual schedule with you.

What happens if the system does not understand the customer or if the customer wants to talk to an employee?

We do our best rule out such communication difficulties. If for some reason, ROBO.AI cannot answer a question or the customer explicitely asks for it, the conversation can be forwarded to you so you can call your customer back.

Another computer generated voice on the phone! What differentiates you from other speech dialogue systems?

Our great innovation is the use of artificial intelligence (deep learning) for conversation. This means that announcements such as “If you have any questions about an invoice, press 1…” are finally a thing of the past. Talking to a ROBO.AI bot feels like talking to a real person because there are no keywords or fixed menu structures.
Compared to conventional voice dialogue systems, we are significantly smarter.

Does it work on the phone only?

We offer voicebots in different channels, not only on the phone and also multi-channel chatbots.

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